Frequently Asked Questions

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Brand Support

What is the minimum I must purchase each time I place an order?

Answer: All first-time opening orders (excluding introductory sample orders) must total at least $500. All subsequent orders must total at least $200, with a minimum of one unit for professional sizes and a minimum of 3 units per product, per size, for retail and 5-day trial sizes. Single retail or trial size units may be ordered with your $200 minimum if you have not previously ordered the product.






Do my products have to feature my brand label?

Answer: Absolutely! All cosmetics sold in the United States are required by law to feature a brand name, along with contact information in case a consumer has a problem with the product. If a product does not feature this information, the brand is subject to prosecution and penalties issued by state and federal agencies. In addition, the product liability insurance provided by YG Laboratories for your products does not apply. For more details, please contact your YG Laboratories Account Executive or call us toll-free at (800) 999-4569 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Time. We can provide the names of reliable label manufacturers.






Can I try products before deciding which ones I want to offer under my brand name?

Answer: Contact your local YG Laboratories Account Executive to discuss sampling or to place a sample order.






Are the products in my brand guaranteed?

Answer: If unopened and kept in an environment where heat and light are kept to within "normal" limits, they are guaranteed fresh for one year from the date the product is shipped to your facility. We also provide automatic liability coverage for each prepackaged product at $3,000,000 (three-million dollars) per incident (does not apply to products not packaged for resale by YG Laboratories.) Please notify our Customer Service Department if you require a copy of the liability certificate. Additional liability coverage can be provided at an additional cost to you. Please contact your YG Account Executive for details. Bulk purchases intended for refill are not covered by YG Laboratories liability insurance.






Does YG Laboratories offer different packaging options for my products?

Answer: We have carefully selected product-specific packaging options that meet our strict cosmetic stability and compatibility testing requirements. Additionally, we offer a Custom Labeling Program (CLiP) that allows you to further customize your packaging, product name, etc. to meet the needs of your brand. Ask your YG Laboratories Account Executive about the options available for your product selections.



Are my products manufactured by YG Laboratories or sourced out?

Answer: All products offered under your brand, with the exception of OTC sunscreen, are manufactured by YG Laboratories at our facility in Fountain Valley, California. This allows us complete control over the safety, stability and freshness of your products as well as enabling us to offer each product at a reasonable price for the consistent quality you receive.






Does YG Laboratories provide retail support for my products?

Answer: Yes, our highly experienced marketing department has assembled a selection of tools, from informative brochures and skin type charts to visually appealing counter cards and shelf talkers, to help you promote your products and boost your sales.



How much should I charge for my products? What kind of profits can I expect?

Answer: The beauty of offering your own brand is not only the recognition you get and the control you have over the products you provide. You also receive increased profit margins to run your business while giving your clients higher savings for the high performance skincare that wears your brand name. To learn about pricing strategies and suggested pricing for specific products, see the Suggested Price Range column of our order form or contact us to talk with a YG Laboratories Account Executive.






Do my products come in bulk sizes so I can repackage them myself?

Answer: Your products are offered in professional dispensary sizes that may be used to fill smaller, single-use containers. However, if you decide to use bulk product to fill retail containers, please be aware that the product's safety and stability is no longer guaranteed by YG Laboratories. As a result, it won't be covered under our product liability insurance. If you are interested in custom formulations or packaging, please contact us and a representative from our Custom Division will contact you immediately.





Customer Support

How do I place my first order?

Answer: Call us toll-free at (800) 999.4569 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Time. We'll be happy to direct you to the YG Laboratories Account Executive in your area who will help you identify the right product mix to develop your brand.

Once I place my order, how long will it take for me to get my products?

Answer: All orders for pre-packaged products are usually shipped within 2-3 business days of the receipt of your order; longer time is required when we silkscreen or apply your brand label to your products prior to shipment. An estimated shipping date will be given at the time your pre-decorated order is placed.

What if a product is out-of-stock?

Answer: We make every effort to have the product you need in stock at the time of your order. On occasion, YG can experience a backorder on an ingredient or packaging from our suppliers and this could affect our production cycles. We automatically backorder products and make it our goal to ship within two weeks or less. For longer backorders, we will notify you immediately to give you the option of keeping the backorder or cancelling and reordering at a later time. We do not charge you for backordered items until the time of shipping. Any backorder that exceeds the two week minimum will not be charged shipping and handling fees; otherwise these fees apply.


Are the products in my brand tested on animals?

Answer: The only animals we use to test our products are humans. Since 2001, we've conducted real-world consumer tests on all new products to determine the results they actually deliver and gain insight into the safety factors involved with the product's use.

Do the products undergo other tests?

Answer: Yes. In fact we do quite a bit of testing‐known as a "battery of tests"‐ to ensure your products are safe, stable and effective. These tests are conducted prior to a product's launch to give you the confidence you need in the products that wear your brand name.

Our high performance ingredients also undergo outside clinical-testing on humans to determine the ingredient's effects on specific skin conditions. These include such results as increasing firmness, smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, easing redness, controlling blemishes, long-term hydration and repairing the skin's moisture barrier.

When a 'sensitive skin' recommendation is required, 48-hour irritancy studies or a 30-day Repeat Insult Patch Test conducted by outside dermatologists are performed. In addition, our eye products are ophthalmologist-approved.

Are your products paraben‐free?

Answer: Yes. YG Laboratories has been paraben-free since 2009. Each product is formulated with a stable and effective preservative system that keeps it fresh for one year from the date it leaves our facility if kept under normal conditions.

Are the products in my brand available in back bar and trial sizes as well as retail?

Answer: Yes, all products come in 5-Day Trial sizes, a variety of professional dispensary sizes and retail packaging (excluding Professional Only products, which are not available for retail purchase).

Formulation Creed

What is the "Declaration in Support of Beautiful Skin" and what does it mean in regard to my products?

Answer: This declaration, known as our Formulation Creed contains strict guidelines for our chemists and production teams to ensure your products are created with the same high standards every time they're produced.

What is it about this declaration that makes my products different from other skincare lines?

Answer: Not all skincare companies hold themselves accountable for every product they create. At YG Laboratories, each performance ingredient in your skincare is included at dose-dependent levels, meaning it is used at the clinically‐tested amount to ensure optimal results. But many other brands on the market include performance ingredients at such low levels they are only in a product for marketing purposes, and offer absolutely no benefit. When this is the case, the products are usually cheaper but you ultimately lose money because when your client doesn't see the expected results, she won't repurchase or may even go elsewhere for her skincare. Some companies may also try to impress you or outdo their competition by overloading their skincare with certain ingredients, creating products that do more harm than good. This can lead to skin irritation, unstable product, inflated cost--and an unnecessary strain on your bottom line.

Are my products safe?

Answer: Absolutely everything is done to make sure your skincare is safe and effective. Your products are subjected to some of the most rigorous product testing available today. The creed behind your skincare ensures that each of your products are scrupulously tested for efficacy, stability and safety. And the preservative system of every batch of product we make is carefully tested for effectiveness prior to shipment to you.

Are the extracts in my products organic?

Answer: No. The reason for this is because there are no plant extracts currently available that meet both organic and chemical standardization guidelines to ensure you experience the same results from every bottle of product featuring the extract. Since the efficacy of an extract can only be ensured if it goes through a rigorous standardization process, your skincare contains only standardized extracts.