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Masques & Activators

Refresh, hydrate, revitalize, nourish, soothe and firm. Regardless of your client's needs, these masques produce visible results in just minutes.

Barrier Recovery Sleep Masque

All Skin Types: Dehydrated, Stressed, Sensitized, Environmentally Damaged, Chemically Treated

• Quickly imparts long-lasting softness and hydration
• Smoothes rough, flaky skin, recovering comfort and a healthy glow
• Detoxifies pollutants, reviving dull, lackluster skin
• Infuses revitalizing antioxidants, softening fine lines & wrinkles 

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Detoxifying Mud & Charcoal Masque

All Skin Types: Dehydrated, Sensitive, Breakout-Prone, Sun & Pollution Exposed, Dull & Tired, Devitalized, Sluggish & Sallow 

  • Black mud revives nutrient and moisture-depleted barrier renewing youthful softness and clarity
  • Charcoal detoxifies pore-dwelling environmental pollutants, clearing impurities
  • Natural sugars restore skin comfort, softening tension lines and wrinkles

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DetoxPlus Masque

Skin Exposed to Smoke, Smog and
Air Pollution

  • Helps skin recover in minutes from exposure to air pollution, smog, ozone and tobacco smoke
  • Corrects dryness and dehydration caused by ozone and airborne free radicals
  • Revives and revitalizes after plane travel

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Moisture Infusion Creme Masque

Slightly to Extremely Dry

  • Infuses dry, dehydrated skin with long-lasting moisture
  • Restores comfort with soothing Plant extracts & lipid‐rich Plant oils
  • Excellent massage masque for facial treatments
  • Overnight "sleeping" masque for thorough barrier‐repair‐ especially during winter

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Purifying Comfort Masque

Rosacea and Acne-Prone: Red, Dehydrated, Uncomfortable

  • Calms & eases visible redness instantly
  • Purifies pores & hydrates in minutes
  • Nourishes skin's own biological defenses


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Soothing Gelle Masque

All Skin Types: Sensitive, Dehydrated, Visibly Irritated

  • Comforting moisture and repair in minutes
  • Minimizes visible redness in 5-10 minutes
  • Cools instantly
  • Potent blend of hydrating Panthenol & ultra-soothing Sea Whip
  • Excellent massage masque for facial treatments

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VitaPlus Masque

All Skin Types: Undernourished, Stressed

  • Vitamins A, C, D & E restore skin's healthy vitality
  • Quick, nutrient-rich, deep-cleansing masque
  • Nourishing, purifying formula won't dry skin

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Zinc & Sulphur Masque

Oily: Acne-Prone

  • Fast relief for acne-prone & oily skin
  • Blend of Zinc Oxide, Sulphur & Witch Hazel balance oil & calm breakouts
  • Great for "spot" treatments

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