Take your treatments to the next level, and beyond! Put the power to create great skin in your own hands.

Take your treatments to the next level and beyond! The power to create great skin is in your hands.

In seconds, you can:

  • Take control of your client's skin
  • Create customized treatments with maximum power and targeted results
  • Supercharge your treatments for faster action
  • Adjust results based on changes in your client's skin due to climate, season, sensitivity, ethnicity, age, hormones & health
  • Give a unique treatment to every client, every visit
  • Ensure client loyalty to you and your knowledge
  • Avoid the boredom of 'cookie cutter' treatments

PowerBlending™ is a totally customizable system that empowers you to create skincare in the palm of your hand in a matter of seconds.

PowerBlending™ gives you the power to deliver rapidly visible, targeted results - whether individualized professional treatments or tailor-made homecare is your goal.

PowerBlending™ allows you to super-boost the effects of any skincare product. Add hydration to decongesting masques. Give a soothing twist to exfoliators. Make moisturizers even more moisturizing. The possibilities are endless.

PowerBlending™ lets you adjust just about any skincare product - even those from other skincare brands - to suit the unique needs of your client's skin. Fluctuations in climate or hormones, sensitivity or inflammation, a change in lifestyle, health, age or medication, or an increase in stress levels - all are easier to address with PowerBlending™.

PowerBlending™ increases your profitability while allowing you more control over results. No more waste from ampoules or pre-measured packets. You use just the amount you need to deliver the results you want.

PowerBlending™ keeps your professional treatments fresh by making it easy to perform a unique service on every client, every visit. The special attention you deliver with PowerBlending™ reaffirms you as a valuable resource and respected skincare authority in your client's eyes.

PowerBlending™ can help you grow your clientele. When your client's skin glows with fitness, health and youth, people talk, and the talk will bring them to you for the special treatment they crave - made possible by PowerBlending™.

PowerBlending™ improves client retention and loyalty to your professional abilities. When you design individualized treatments for every client, they'll keep coming back for more because no one else will give the truly special care their skin deserves.

That's the magic of PowerBlending™.


When using the layering method for product application.

Apply in the following order:

  1. Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum or other AHA gels. Apply to clean, toned skin.
  2. Water-based gels*
    Apply over AHA gel or to clean, toned skin if AHA gel is not applied.
  3. Emulsions (lotions and cremes)*
    Apply over gels and transparent liquids.
  4. Surface Barriers (Examples: Equalizing Serum, Solar Defender SPF 30, Perfect Skin
    Apply over cremes and lotions.

*These layers must be applied under masques or paraffin


Activators & Toners

High Performance Treatments & PowerPlexes™


In-depth product profiles for over 20 core YG Skincare products with product actions, complete ingredients lists, and action ingredients defined, PowerBlends ™ by product, plus much more.

  • At-a-glance product benefits
  • Guide to product pH, solubility, and electrical modalities for all core products
  • Layering, blending, and application guidelines
  • 60 esthetician-tested and approved PowerBlending ™ recipes for a variety of skin conditions
  • 6 result-driven treatment protocols to drop into your menu immediately

"When I started PowerBlending™ with the YG skincare my retail sales doubled. The results are fabulous. When giving a facial I feel not only like a mad chemist, but I am truly customizing and caring for the needs of each individual's skin. Facials are never routine because throughout I am thinking of new and different blends to do."

C.L. - Wheaton, Illinois


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